Aloha, and thank you for visiting Koa Works Ukulele Company. My name is Rich Godfrey, owner of Koa Works Ukulele Company. I've  been wood working for over 20 years but fell in love with building ukuleles. This is my story.

It all began in 1999, when I attended a constructing class in Halawa Valley. It was right then that I decided I was done making rocking chairs, carvings, and jewelry boxes. I was only going to build exclusive, custom made ukuleles. I was intrigued by their rich smooth sound and how slight changes not only made them more appealing but enhanced their sound as well. It was then that Koa Works Ukulele Company was born. I soon honed my skills and began building ukuleles for friends and family. I later decided to enter one of my new found passions in the coveted HFIA Annual State Wide Juried Wood Working Show. I knew that I had done a great job, but was excited when the ukulele that I had poured my heart into, was awarded the show's Best Musical Instrument prize.

Before I knew it I was building custom ukuleles not just for friends and family, but for people around the world that share my passion for a great sounding, great playing ukulele. I always enjoy building a ukulele and watching a person's personality become reflected in their ukulele. I invite you to take a look around and choose a ukulele or add personal touches to your ukulele and allow me to make it a one  of a kind piece of functional art that you can enjoy for years to come.



Rich Godfrey in his workshop.